What clients have to say...


Jo says:

I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed with business tasks for a while, but I’d resisted getting in help because I thought I “should” be able to do everything myself. Ellie has made me see that by getting help on streamlining processes and creating systems, I can devote more time to the stuff I’m good at. Knowing that I have Ellie’s support means now I can breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that nothing’s getting dropped; Ellie is meticulous in note taking and project planning, so I feel much secure knowing that everything is being handled. I’d recommend Ellie in a heartbeat, but I’m selfish and I want to keep her, so I don’t want to do that 😉 Friendly, professional, proactive and incredibly organised – Ellie is so much more than a VA, she’s like my right arm.

Eli says:

I really enjoyed working with you and think you have made a great addition to our team - not to mention making a difference in our patients' lives.  



Azsha says:

Ellie is a specialist in her field with EXCELLENT skills to help build an efficient flow. She found things in my business model that I didn't even realize I could tweak, and lent a practiced eye to my day to day procedures. Would definitely recommend to new entrepreneurs looking to grow or streamline their business, as well as established businesses that have reached a plateau in their operations.

Adrian says:

Ellie has been incredibly useful. She built a website for me on Squarespace which helps generate leads while I sleep. She also set up and ran a very successful outbound marketing campaign for me. My only complaint is that there is only one of her!