What clients have to say...


Mel Says:

When you run your own business you are all of the things: the copywriter, the marketer, the event planner, the bookkeeper, the communications team and so on and so on. When my business started to scale up I realised I couldn’t bring my best to the table without bringing in some practical support. Having Ellie on board as my VA has been invaluable to me and given me the opportunity to focus on doing the parts of my business that I really love and am good at. She has set up systems and automations that mean I don’t have to spend my time faffing about with admin and can instead focus on delivering content and value to the people I want to serve. She has such a professional and warm understanding of what small businesses and entrepreneurs need to streamline and save time. If you’re feeling stretched, bogged down or not sure how to make your business run more efficiently, Ellie is your girl! 



Jo says:

I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed with business tasks for a while, but I’d resisted getting in help because I thought I “should” be able to do everything myself. Ellie has made me see that by getting help on streamlining processes and creating systems, I can devote more time to the stuff I’m good at. Knowing that I have Ellie’s support means now I can breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that nothing’s getting dropped; Ellie is meticulous in note taking and project planning, so I feel much secure knowing that everything is being handled. I’d recommend Ellie in a heartbeat, but I’m selfish and I want to keep her, so I don’t want to do that 😉 Friendly, professional, proactive and incredibly organised – Ellie is so much more than a VA, she’s like my right arm.

Graham says: 

Ellie at Calibrated Concepts offers a tailored and friendly service that has been useful for me.  She is easy to work with, has been very easy to get hold of and offering a quick response to queries and requests for meetings.  The phone was always answered promptly as were emails.  Ellie helped research some travel options and make my profile on LinkedIn more appealing and current.  If I had the opportunity to work with Ellie again I would.  Because the service was so warm, responsive and professional I would certainly have no hesitation in suggesting others try this service out.


Eva Lena Vermeersch.jpg

Eva Says:

Over the last few months, the presence of Ellie in the back-end of my business has been a real relief. Knowing that my admin is taken care of in a timely manner, I've been able to focus on the development of my business and the work I do for my clients. Her reliability, efficiency, flexibility and solution-oriented mind, as well as her enthusiasm about the idea of handling new tasks, tools and responsibilities, have encouraged me to outsource more and more with serenity. Ellie is an entrepreneur at heart, she understands her peers.

Adrian says:

Ellie has been incredibly useful. She built a website for me on Squarespace which helps generate leads while I sleep. She also set up and ran a very successful outbound marketing campaign for me. My only complaint is that there is only one of her!



Azsha says:

Ellie is a specialist in her field with EXCELLENT skills to help build an efficient flow. She found things in my business model that I didn't even realize I could tweak, and lent a practiced eye to my day to day procedures. Would definitely recommend to new entrepreneurs looking to grow or streamline their business, as well as established businesses that have reached a plateau in their operations.