How to Transition from Part Time to Full Time VA - The VA Today

How to Transition from Part Time to Full Time VA - The VA Today

Recently I was on video podcast with AVA Alexander Virtual Assistance talking about my journey and reasons to becoming a VA as well as the process of scaling my business. Watch below.

I've always known that someday I would have some sort of business of my own, though I didn't exactly know what that was. When I first started Calibrated Concepts, I'd kind of branded it as a business organisation specialist. So I would be going in to small businesses and reviewing systems and processes and kind of analysing that information and providing feedback and tools for improvement (and saving money), though I was brand new to truly starting anything bigger than a hobby business so that didn't really go over very well. After a few months, I got a job at an incredible law firm where the people are absolutely lovely. Anyhow by January and I had been here, in the UK, for just under a year and I decided that it was time to put something into place so that I can have a remote career. So I decided to start again with a different angle. I used my same name and my same website, but totally revamped and rebranded as a virtual assistant. This made perfect sense because at this stage I've had nearly eight years of admin experience in various fields such as law, property management, dental care, and  physiotherapy - kind of running the gamut of things. So I thought, okay well this is what I know and do well! And ultimately for me the goal is going to be being able to spend more time in the US with my friends and family, while helping other solopreneurs.

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Thanks to AVA Alexander Virtual Assistance for having me!

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Keep an eye out for my upcoming series #SolopreneurStruggles. Even better yet, let me know your biggest pet peeves, challenges and loathsome tasks are in your solo business. I’ll find you a solution and publish it in the series!