#SolopreneurStruggles Solved: Real Stories, Real Solutions (Part 2)

#SolopreneurStruggles Solved: Real Stories, Real Solutions (Part 2)

Solopreneurship offers the incredible opportunity to call your own shots and answer to no one (except maybe your clients). However itdoes create a unique set of struggles that other types of entrepreneurs don’t always have to face (or at least have to take on alone). I’ve been speaking with other solopreneurs to discuss some of the biggest pet-peeves, struggles and challenges they face. Are you running the same sticking points in your solo business?


1. JUDI’S PROBLEMS: “I paid a woman $400 to show me how to build a Facebook business page and see she STALKED me trying to get me to join Melaleuca! It was awful! She didn't even build my page! I need to learn how to build a Facebook business page. Do you know anyone that could help me?! I'm so distraught and disappointed. She told me she wouldn't refund my $400! Do you know anyone I can trust that can help me accomplish this?thank you so much for your help and consideration. ❤️”  


First off, that’s a horrible situation and I’m sorry that you had to go through that.

2. Gillian Robb - Gillian Robb Photography a lifestyle photographer working with growing businesses to tell their stories visually. She works across Northern Ireland and further afield to capture people, premises, products and services so businesses can show these off at their best. When she’s not helping a business or shooting coverage of a corporate event, she’s probably working with a family to capture and celebrate their milestones and create some unique art for their home.

P.S. Gillian did my recent gorgeous photoshoot (which has helped me to feel SO much more legit in my business).


  1. "When things get really busy and I have a lot of client work deadlines or events on I find it gets a bit harder to keep things going beyond the short-term needs and I’ll end up dropping a few things like blogging, social media or checking in with contacts I’ve not seen for a while. Any suggestions on how even when it’s super busy I can still make sure I have time to keep the stuff that will help the medium term keep going too?"

  2. "There are so many sources of advice and services being sold to small business owners by people all claiming to be “experts” in their field - I find it really hard to filter through and figure out who to spend time and effort on. We seem to live in a world of newsletters and "lead-generation” marketing sequences…. Any advice on filtering the incoming traffic and honing in on the stuff that is really valuable and likely to help me grow my business?"


  1. Make a list (I use Trello). Set aside 2 hours per week or 1 day per month use this time to take care of all of your admin in one go. Schedule out your blog posts, emails and social media posts with your scheduler of choice. Put this in your diary so that it is set in stone, treat it like an important client appointment and don’t let anything else take priority over it. Remember these are the things that will give you future business!

    TOP TIP: Tools that are great for this are Later & Boomerang. I’ve also found I get better engagement on Instagram by scheduling my posts, for push notification and taking 1 minute to manually copy the post into Instagram. The algorithm then reads it as a native post!

  2. We hear a lot how the digital market is super saturated and this is a great example of that being true. It’s hard to choose who to listen to and who to give our valuable time and mental space to in the virtual world. My advice here is to choose the people who you ‘vibe’ with unsubscribe from the rest. In my experience, most people in a particular field are saying essentially the same thing in different ways. So only follow the people who speak your language and that you are genuinely happy when you get an email in your inbox. Remember, that at the end of the day, each of those newsletters is trying to sell you a product or service. So will you ever buy what they’re trying to sell you? If so stay, take in what they teach for free and watch for the best opportunities they offer. You may find that there are still some people you like, but don’t want to have show up in your email each week, in these cases I just continue to follow them on social media to keep up with their offerings.

    TOP TIP: Try an inbox clean-up helper like Cleanfox (which is GDPR compliant).