Your New Employee's First Day

Your New Employee's First Day


Congratulations! Your dream and business have grown to the point that you are about to hire an employee. You have completed the interviews and chosen the best candidate for your team, now come the often forgotten steps to integrating the newbie into your company.

So what's next? There are a few legal things that you will make sure you do first for your business and for the new employee, visit here to learn more about these.

Once the boring legal tasks have been completed, you can now get to the fun part - your employee’s first day! This part is crucial because you will need to ensure that your newest team member will be comfortable and that they will smoothly integrate into your team. This is essential for creating a healthy and productive work environment - which in turn will mean more loyal staff, a more efficient daily workflow, and a better bottom line.

First Day tasks should include:

  • Welcoming your new staff member - it can be a good idea to have them come a bit later in the day than other staff to ensure the beginning of the day commotion has died down a bit.  

  • Introduce them to any other staff or team members - the best manner to accomplish this will depend on the size of your team and the culture at your company.

  • Have your new employee sign any relevant documents or contracts. It is a requirement to give team members a written statement of employment if you’re employing them for more than one month.

  • Provide the team member with a basic training manual or layout of what they will learn on a specific timeline. It is important to remember that everyone has a different learning style, such as auditory learning, visual learning and tactile learning.

  • Give your employee the rundown of the typical daily workflow structure.

  • Provide them with any materials they may need to succeed in their daily tasks, such as a computer, a company email, or business cards.

  • Once your employee has had a bit to get settled in give them the basics on any company specific software and how you use it.

  • At the end of the business day, make sure to reiterate your expectations for the role and ask them if they have questions.

Taking the time to train a new employee can make or break how helpful and effective they are for the progress of your business. It can be difficult to carve out enough time, but the benefits will be more than worth it if you can set aside plenty of time to ensure your new employee is equipped to take on their role in your company.

P.S. If you are working to build a great employee handbook, check out this free guide!


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