4 Super Inexpensive Tools My Business Can't Live Without

4 Super Inexpensive Tools My Business Can't Live Without

As a VA it is essential that I am flexible and knowledgeable about as many tools as possible to meet my clients where they are and take their to-do list stress away. There are loads of absolutely incredible software options out there and I’m a firm believer that there is a system out there for every working style.

That said, I have my most favourite tools that I could not live without. These are the ones I’ve become dependent upon and use absolutely every single day.


“No developer needed”, for me that was enough said. For $144 per year I have a gorgeous site that is updated/patched automatically, is securely hosted, and looks incredible. Using their template, I have done up my website entirely by myself with some Googled specialised code. AND my husband (who is a software developer) is pleased that he didn’t have to do my website for me. I simply love that I can change whatever I’d like any time I’d like as my business and brand evolve.

I’ve used Freshbooks from the very beginning. It offered a great trial and I stuck with it is because it is so simple to use and has such beautifully clean aesthetics. It has been the perfect tool and it grows with you as you grow in business. Currently I’m on the smallest package, with minimal features, but soon I’ll need to upgrade to be able to store more clients and have enhanced accounting features. It’s great for a range from Freelancer to Small Business owner at a price I’ve been able to afford since the very start of my business at just $15/mo.


Creating a brand is essential to starting a successful business, but as a newbie entrepreneur, I can’t afford a designer and my business knowledge has rapidly changed over the past several months as I grow as a business owner. Canva brings design to the fingertips of non-creatives and amateurs. And while I’m still no designer, I am a whiz with this tool and make everything pretty and on brand - from my terms of business, to my pricing sheet, to my blog posts images in Canva for $12.95/month. I’ve also found that clients like to have branded templates, blog images, and documents and will pay to have me do it for them!

I use this free tool to keep track of all of my client work and create cards & checklists for recurring tasks with due dates. Any time a client emails me a task or sends me  a to-do in Slack I add it to Trello to make sure nothing slips through the cracks as my workload increases. I also use it to keep track of my goals, future blog posts, inspiration and personal things like plans and tasks within my household. With a bunch of free templates it’s incredible for organising day to day tasks and long-term workflows for just you or for a team. It also has convenient integrations with tools like G-suite and Slack, making it my preferred project management tool!

What are the tools you can’t go a single day in your business without using?

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