So what’s it like to work with me?

Just over a year in business and I finally feel like I’ve hit my stride. I know who my ideal clients are (solopreneurs women). I have most of my systems and processes set up. Most days I find time for self care and ‘balance’. My impostor syndrome rears its ugly head less often. And I have some genuine connections with other awesome business owners. And best of all - I have the most amazing and badass clients in the world!

So what’s it like to work with me?

Well, in the beginning

most of my clients find me through referrals and word of mouth. I assume they then check out my website and Instagram to see if I offer the services they’re looking for and then from my Work With Me page they schedule a call on their own terms with Calendly! You know me and being all about automations - I have Calendly set up to only allow appointments more than 24 hours in advance so I have time to do my research and be prepared for the call or Zoom meeting. Then we have a 15-minute chat about what you need a second set of hands with in your business, what tools you use, and how we can automate the back end of your business! After our call, I send you a recap of our meeting, my pricing info, and my standard terms of business for your perusal.

So let’s say the call goes well and you decide to go for it.

Congrats on releasing the reigns and allowing more room for growth in your business! You’ve selected a package (which is good for 90 days) or chosen to be invoiced by the hour. I complete your official client setup and we decide which tasks/pain points I should get started with first. In the early stages I check in to make sure I’m on the right track and that I am representing your business well. I send weekly updates on how much time I’ve spent working and upon the completion of each package I provide a breakdown of my time spent for your records. Invoicing and payments are quick and painless through my trusty accounting software, Freshbooks.

Once we’ve been working together for a while,

I suggest we have another call to see how your business has grown and changed and how I can adjust accordingly to make sure you are receiving the best support possible in your business. I then put in a very nice request for a few kind words for my website - like the below:

  • Eva says: Over the last few months, the presence of Ellie in the back-end of my business has been a real relief. Knowing that my admin is taken care of in a timely manner, I've been able to focus on the development of my business and the work I do for my clients. Her reliability, efficiency, flexibility and solution-oriented mind, as well as her enthusiasm about the idea of handling new tasks, tools and responsibilities, have encouraged me to outsource more and more with serenity. Ellie is an entrepreneur at heart, she understands her peers.

  • John says: Everyone has noticed that Lagan Ribs are regularly active on social media with consistent and professional postings, thanks to you. We love your work and are keen to continue.

  • Jo says: I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed with business tasks for a while, but I’d resisted getting in help because I thought I “should” be able to do everything myself. Ellie has made me see that by getting help on streamlining processes and creating systems, I can devote more time to the stuff I’m good at. Friendly, professional, proactive and incredibly organised – Ellie is so much more than a VA, she’s like my right arm.

It's time to release some responsibility, focus on the stuff you love and finally get back to providing your unique talents to your valuable customers.

Search for YOUR best fit. Interview & narrow your list. Hire your new set of hands & Make 'em a part of your team!