6(+1) Months of Running My Side-Hustle (& the hard lessons along the way)

6(+1) Months of Running My Side-Hustle (& the hard lessons along the way)

At this stage, I’ve been a part-time Virtual Assistant for about 7 months. At first, I put so much pressure on myself to climb the entrepreneurial learning curve and get to the same level as some of the more established people in my industry. I thought that I immediately needed to learn who my ideal client was, what my niche should be, how to write the most effective copy for my website/blog posts, etc. because that’s what all the business books and podcasts I was inhaling told me I needed to do. My obsession with upleveling ended up with me being so incredibly overwhelmed that I found myself wondering if entrepreneurship was really for me after all.

While I was in this state, a wonderful and kind local entrepreneur named Jo (who also is one of my very first clients) allowed me to talk through my frustrations in feeling the need to get up to speed and gave me some advice. Which honestly, didn’t really sink at the time.

A few weeks later, for my mental health, I decided to say ‘f**k it’ to having it all figured out. And I decided to finally start to enjoy the journey and to uplevel/learn at my own pace. I’ve always been a bit of a slow processor and in creating something of this magnitude for the first time - I needed to learn to be kind to myself.

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So over the past couple of months, I’ve given myself the space to be abstract about my goals. In the background, without pressure, I’ve gotten to contemplate what work I enjoy, who I enjoy working with, who in the business community I resonate with, etc. Essentially, I don’t have any of this written down or perfectly sorted out yet, but when I stopped forcing myself to try to figure it out I finally (slowly) started to get some clarity.

Now I finally can hear the wise words Jo gave me at the beginning of the summer - which included giving myself smaller goals (instead of the hefty quarterly goals I had), looking on the brighter side of the things that challenge me, and to order the Pumpkin Plan. All of which I’ve done!

What I’ve found so far is that I like to work with people who are a few years into their solo or at home business. They are just to the stage where they are taking things to the next level and are starting to expand their services, by adding products or vice versa. I also love working with people who are willing to take suggestions, who enjoy a good system/plan and are good communicators. Additionally, I’ve learned that I want to spend more time helping clients through Canva designs. And that while I’m a total badass at getting shit done and at creating and implementing systems - I am not the best at creating the big dreamy goals. So I’m going to be hiring a coach in the near future for some direction.

Thank you to all those of you who encourage me to make my dream of having a fully remote career possible. To Jo and all other people who’ve met me for a coffee or chatted with me at a networking event. And a very special thanks to those who have sent referrals my way!

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