Hello, I'm Ellie McBride

Ellie McConnell (McBride) - Founder

I'm tenacious, direct, and personable. I've always loved creating order and to be kept both busy and challenged. Currently, I'm based in Northern Ireland, though I'm originally from Oregon, in the United States. What I do best is expertly maintain your day to day tasks. I love that by doing so I can allow for my clients to have more consistency, continuity, and efficiency in life and in business.

I created Calibrated Concepts because I noticed that small business owners often need more time to focus on the tasks that offer real value in their businesses. And my superpower is in being a productivity badass, meaning I am an expert in efficient and effective use of systems and tools.

By having a skilled, experienced virtual assistant take on some of your workload you can spend more time on the things that grow and develop your business and less time on your ever-growing to-do list. 

With 7+ years of administrative experience that has included work in legal (both US & UK), dental, physiotherapy, property management and more. I love taking on new challenges and having the flexibility to spend time with both my family in the UK and my family in the US.

Ellie is a specialist in her field with EXCELLENT skills to help build an efficient flow.
— Azsha