In January 2018, I launched as a VA to help solopreneurs finally make the time to scale and grow the businesses they’ve put so much time and energy into. My years of administrative experience and love of tools, systems, and workflows that allow my clients to free up time and energy made the field of virtual assistance a no brainer!

But why did I want to get into a virtual career in the first place? Well, after moving across the world to be with my handsome Northern Irish husband, I found it difficult to find the time and flexibility to spend much time home in Oregon with my friends and family. Just like my clients, I’m building my business from the ground up to have everything I’ve ever wanted out of my life.

When not serving clients, you’ll find me hanging out with my adopted Springer Spaniel, Bailey or trying to hunt down the best craft beer in Belfast.


I hang out a lot on Instagram - possibly a bit too much! Come say hello.